Monday, March 12, 2012

NajwaAzman :)

 i hope you good and fine at there -love-

Najwa , you are my best friends !
urmmm , for how many years we be friends ? yaaa , i know it very long 
so long , i recognise you 
urmmm , we not in same school not like first in primary school ?
we same everythings ! Love you dear -

okey , know you now at madinah
hopefully good things when you do the ibadat for Allah :)
as you know , i meet her before she and her family flight to dubai and than to madinah  
yesterday , i & our geng meet her at her house . soo , sweet thats time
we talk about everythings which e wants to share with each other
urmmm , and than we back home because najwa wants leave to the airport
we hugs ! miss najwa !
don't forget to pray the best for me whe you arrive at kaabah :)
i also pray for you and your family get guidance , pleasure and be the smooth at there
Love you NAJWA -