Monday, March 12, 2012

New Best Friend :)

Hello dude !! how are you ? fine ? okey , thats great . 

okey , today i wants to introduce more about my new friends :)

Nuur Syuada  
okey , thats is her name :) urmmm , she is bestie & classmate at SMAN .She kind , bubbly like me and cute person . Thankful , can meet her :) unfortunately , i and syuada not same dorm . waaaaaaa :'( btw , we always wait each other when we wants to others place . Yeaaaa !

Atiqah Syazwani 
haaaa , this person who is different from the other which i love to her friends :) she has special things which our does't have . thats cannot be a story , sorry ;) hehe , she pretty , thin and the sporting friend ! Love you dear :D

Aisyah Hanim 
aisyah hanim , name given which is greats name ! she clever , inteligent and sometime she wan to looking for noise . hahaha , btw i must be a patient person sometimes . thats aisyah hanim whos i know know ;) thanks for all dear :)

Aqilah Husna 
the funniest girl ! she can make sound like woody woodpeaker :D I love thats sound . aqilah chubby cute , funniest and good talk ! she sit between the twins name whos is i and ainie . she concern person , dudes ! Yooooo , aqilah .

Ainie Mashitah  
cheetah which her nickname , heh ~ urmmm , spectacle person . I love her eyes which Allah give for her . ainie sometime she desperate girl . whatever , i still can be last with her behavior :) Hahaha .

okey , thats all for today ;)
for my best friends since primary school , don't worry dear . You always be mine and the best friends i my life. Hahahaha
Love You